Hemp Pro - Professional Strength - 30 servings - WE ARE NOT SOLD OUT - MUST CALL US

Hemp Pro - Professional Strength - 30 servings - WE ARE NOT SOLD OUT - MUST CALL US

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This is concentrated Hemp Oil CBD Extract and professional strength.

One serving is the size of a grain of rice.  Most individuals need 1 - 2 servings per day. The Hemp Pro has  4-5mg of CBD per rice-sized serving.

Hemp Oil Extract (also known as CBD Oil) is much stronger than Hemp Seed Oil.  Hemp Seed Oil has virtually little benefits compared to Hemp Oil CBD Extract. 

The Hemp Pro CBD oil is rich in non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids.   In order for us to legally ship to all states, our products must contain less than .3% THC content, which are strictly tested for.   This small amount of THC is negligible and unable to produce psychoactive effects. 

Most drug tests in the workplace search for the psychoactive compound THC, not Cannabidiol (CBD) or other compounds found naturally in hemp.   However, lab results show that hemp oil can contain trace amounts of THC (legally .3% or less).   

Although only a very small amount is present, it could cause a positive result when screening urine, hair and blood specimens.   We suggest before any drug screening that you inform your employer that you are ingesting CBD Oil for health reasons prior to any testing.  THC can stay in the system for 30 days.  

Hemp Pro comes from concentrated hemp and not marijuana.  Marijuana typically is lower in healing CBD content and higher in THC content (THC is what makes people feel high).  Hemp Pro is low in THC and high in healing CBD. (So in other words, Hemp Pro has more of the healing properties and Medical Marijuana has more of the THC (that makes you high).  They are both plants from the same plant family.  

You do not need to have a Marijuana medical card to purchase Hemp Pro, but in our opinion, Hemp Pro is higher than Medical Marijuana in CBD healing content, so it's a better choice anyways.



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