Pet Allergy Homeopathic Antidote

Pet Allergy Homeopathic Antidote

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Do you have a pet allergy to one of your furry friends?

If so, Dr. Nelson will custom make you a homeopathic antidote to lessen the allergy. 

Here are the instructions -

1.  Take approximately 1/2 teaspoon of the hair sample from your pet, as close to the skin as possible.


2.  Break a cotton swab in half.  Run a cotton swab (q-tip) through your pets mouth, being sure to get a saliva sample.  (the reason that we have you break it in half is because by the time we receive the sample, it will already be dry and we want to be sure that we are using the correct end to make the antidote.)


3.  Helpful, but not necessary - if you are able to get any type of skin flakes from your pet and send it to us as well, this is helpful.  Simply take your fingernail and give your pet a good scratch and anything under your nails can be included in the sample sent back to us.


You will then take the above items and send them to us in a small ziploc baggie for us to make the homeopathic antidote.


For this price, you can do this with 2 of your pets.  We do not recommend putting more than 2 pets at a time in any homeopathic formulation.


The cost is $49  for the customized making of this formula and includes 2 bottles of homeopathic formulas. 

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