Benefits of Barefoot Walking

Do you ever feel the urge to walk barefoot on the beach or feel the grass between your toes? As it turns out, this urge goes much deeper than simply feeling good. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that there is a significant electrical interaction between the Earth and each one of us.
This is one of the reasons that we believe the footbath detox sessions work so well. They help to significantly reduce and neutralize free radicals throughout the body. 
Earth, as it turns out, has an abundance of electrons. This charge does not interact with us too often since we live in insulated buildings and wear insulated footwear.  In other words, we rarely touch the ground!
If a person with an excessive negative charge, or an excess of electrons, steps onto the ground, the excess will be absorbed into the Earth.  If a person has a positive charge, or a deficiency of electrons, then the Earth will supply what is needed to achieve homeostasis (balance). This is a truly amazing discovery: stepping on the ground electrically balances you!
You can take an individual and muscle test them with their cell phone. If they do not have our cell phone emf neutralizers on their phone, they will muscle test weak. Sometimes, if you take that individual outside and they kick off their shoes and hold their cell phone, that can then muscle test much stronger on their phone. But practically speaking, we can always stand outside in our bare feet while on the cell phone, especially during the cold winter months. We cannot stress enough about the importance of protecting your cell phones; laptops; computer towers; microwaves and electronics that are close to the body with the cell phone neutralizers.
Food for thought - I have also done this same test with an individual holding a Bible and guess what -- they muscle test strong on their cell phone. Now, tell me - if you see this done, it will make a Believer out of you!
Why does touching the ground matter?
For many centuries, humans, like all animals, walked on the ground without insulating barriers between the Earth and our feet.  It is common knowledge that the soles of our feet are extremely sensitive due to a high concentration of nerve endings.  Since nerve tissue is electrically conductive, it is easy to understand that the bottoms of our feet are highly conductive surfaces (again, why the footbaths work so effectively.)
Because of the conductivity of our soles, it was proposed that perhaps there was an electrical interaction between the Earth's negative charge and our bodies.  This hypothesis was tested many times and the results were nothing short of amazing.
Researchers found that there was a significant relation between the charge of our bodies and the ground.  In fact, it has been determined that the Earth acts as a natural neutralizer.
Why is all this Barefoot Talk Significant?
In the past twenty years, we have witnessed an explosion of research conducted on human physiology and disease.  What has been discovered has prompted almost global awareness of the importance of antioxidants and the process of oxidation.   Oxidation, literally the same process of iron rusting, has been found to greatly contribute to aging and the formation of disease.
The culprits are free radicals.    A free radical is a molecule that has become unstable because of the lack of an electron.  Free radicals will 'take' electrons from other molecules in order to become stable, but in the process they produce more free radicals. In time, free radicals can damage any tissue and lead to aging and disease.
Alright, enough of this scientific talk !- Walking barefoot outside also gives you a free reflexology appointment.