Abundant Life Wellness™

Dr. Valerie Nelson®

Dr. Valerie Nelson® is a Board Certified Natural Integrative Doctor and has a wellness practice in Pennsylvania where she has worked with over 2,000 clients. She does phone consultations across the U.S. & Canada and has an active YouTube channel. She has had success RESOLVING health issues instead of just MASKING the symptoms. She utilizes all natural, non-toxic formulations to successfully help individuals achieve a healthier state of living - feeling their best physically AND emotionally! Dr. Valerie Nelson's® products have been tested and tried over & over again - She constantly tweaks formulations based on client feedback to maximize optimal results! Her EMF Neutralizing Tags  are a top seller as they have over 30 homeopathic frequencies including shungite & crystals to help fight off the EMF toxicity we are constantly exposed to.  Additionally, her supplements are top of the line, but not painful on the pocketbook.  Many professional lines are very pricey, but she keeps her products priced very reasonably.  Give the quality a try yourself!   We hope that our products are a blessing to you.