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More About Dr. Valerie Nelson®

Abundant Life Wellness, LLC is located in Pennsylvania.    It is owned and operated by Dr. Valerie Nelson®,  Board Certified Natural Doctor.   

Dr. Valerie Nelson® has had the privilege of working with over 1,500 individuals since 2007.  She approaches conditions from a whole body perspective.  Ninety-five to ninety-nine percent of disease comes from toxicity, vitamin/mineral deficiencies and/or an imbalance in pH.  Dr. Nelson addresses these issues by providing products which assist in bringing the body back into balance (homeostasis).  Abundant Life Wellness products are made in the USA from all natural products and many are custom formulated by Dr. Valerie Nelson personally. 

God has designed our bodies to heal themselves if we get rid of those toxins and feed the body what it needs!  In some cases, it is not a quick fix.  A majority of conditions will reverse themselves in a matter of approximately 3 months + one additional month for each year that you have had the condition.  Many individuals do notice significant results in the first couple of weeks of using her products.  

At least 10% of proceeds from Abundant Life Wellness go to helping less fortunate people, feeding starving children and church building projects primarily in poor countries.  When you purchase from us, you are participating in helping others through the blessings of God.

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