Could Blue Light Affect Your Vision?

We are exposed to blue light from sources like, computer monitors, TV screens, smart phones, LED light, CFL bulbs, and fluorescent light bulbs. Sunlight is actually a huge source of blue light. Natural forms of blue light from the sun are helpful in moderation to increase alertness, improve memory, boost mood and promote proper growth (especially for children).


However, unnatural forms of blue light can actually be detrimental to your eyes if not used in moderation.


Dangers of Blue Light

If overexposed to blue light, it can actually affect your eye health and sleep cycles. Here are some harmful side effects that can occur from overexposure.


  • Digital eyestrain


  • Macular degeneration


  • Disruption of your body's natural wake and sleep cycle. This may occur when seeing too much blue light at night time.


  • Interrupted sleep


How to Protect your Eyes

While it is difficult to totally avoid blue light, there are simple preventative measures to take to ensure optimal eye health. Here are some helpful pointers -


  • When looking at a screen, every 15 - 20 minutes, be sure to shift your eyes to other objects (for instance, if you are waiting for something to load on your computer, look away from the screen). This is also important for eye exercise, as looking at one distance for long periods of time can weaken your eyesight).



  • Purchase computer glasses, otherwise called blue light blocking glasses to decrease eye strain


  • Some individuals need to limit their screen time 2 - 3 hours before bed to ensure peaceful sleep, while others it does not seem to effect their sleep too much.


  • *One of our clients greatly noticed less eye strain from simply putting the emf cell phone neutralizers on her phone. -- See her testimonial below.*


  • You can actually download a blue light screen filter for your phone and computer. Here is a free one we use on our computers - it takes a little time to get used to it, especially at night, but within about 3 days, you won't even notice it-


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