Easy Tips for a Healthier You in 2019!

In the New Year, there are all sorts of pressure for people to make absurd goals that simply cannot be followed through with. Over 90% of New Year's Resolutions are thrown out the window by February because people make unrealistic goals and try to make too many changes ALL at once. While we do love our clients’ goals to obtain a higher level of health, this year we wanted to suggest some “no pressure” easy healthy choices that just about everyone can do without disrupting their ENTIRE routine! That way you have some healthy habits that you can realistically keep for the long haul in 2019.


Chewing slower is free and easy, but the biggest kicker is that it is imperative

to your digestive system. Your body’s biggest energy spend is simply digesting the food you eat. If you chew your food more slowly, this should help improve your energy levels too! A simple tip that we share with clients coming into our wellness center is to set their utensil down as soon as you take a bite to avoid being prone to “shoveling”. It is too easy to just continuously keep eating and not chewing slowly if you don't set your fork down between bites. Most people say they eat less after doing this too!

If you don't want to bother chewing your foods slower, be sure to take 3 Intestinal Enhancer with each meal - this speeds up the digestion process and helps MANY individuals who have digestive pain after eating. We have had some people say that this has been remarkable for them with foods that give them terrible stomach pains after consumption. It is a favorite product for many who have digestive issues.


Slap some EMF Radiation Neutralizers on your electronic devices. We all know the saying, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!" The same rings true of cellphone and the effects on negative EMFs on the body. WE are the test bunnies of the harmful effects on our bodies caused by immense exposure to technology. The research suggests there can be VERY alarming results of exposure to EMF emitting electronics, so it is better to slap some EMF Neutralizers on electronics that we are exposed to, and help your health along the way. It is easy ......because all it takes is effort one time of sticking them on your electronic and then you can potentially save yourself from a lot of harm that is compounding from EMF exposure.


Switch to natural deodorant . Odds are, you already buy deodorant, if not maybe you should help everyone around you and start doing so! Instead of forming a new habit, simply switch to aluminum free formulas. We know you're stinky anyways and already wear deodorant, so why not switch to a non-toxic one? BIG HINT: A lot of the natural ones are not very good at preventing stink!!! This is Dr. Nelson's favorite. The reason this is SO important is that your lymph nodes and breasts are close to your armpits where you apply deodorant. These toxic chemicals can easily get into lymph nodes close to breast tissue and may cause serious conditions -- like causing you to be more prone to breast cancer.

Hope these easy realistic goals gave you some thoughts on changes to make in the new year that don't disrupt reality as you know it.

As always, we appreciate you and look forward to serving you in 2019!