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How to Stay Germ Free in Public Places

We truly hope and pray you are doing well through this changing time!
When you are standing at the grocery store, watching clerks touch your produce, boxed foods, and drinks, do you feel a little unsettled about the germs that are going on your food?
Those foods will soon be entering your body. In addition, there are plenty of germs picked up from the conveyor belt, other shoppers who grabbed the food before you took it off the shelf, and shopping carts. What can you do to protect yourself from these germs entering your refrigerator, freezer, pantry, and your mouth? 
One Simple Solution
There is a simple solution: hydrogen peroxide! Simply grab a spray bottle, fill it with peroxide and get to work disinfecting! As soon as you arrive home from the grocery store, just place all of your boxed or packaged groceries in an open area and spray them with hydrogen peroxide.
You don't want those yucky germy things in your frig anyways! If you have produce, simply place it (without packaging) in your sink and spray it down with peroxide. Then, leave the peroxide on the produce for about 10 minutes and rinse your fruits and vegetables well. It may slightly change the appearance of some produce (such as strawberries; peaches and snap peas) but it will not alter the taste of them! Then, you can confidently trust that you are eating truly clean food! 
Also, Have You Disinfected This?
Another thought: Packages and mail are also being passed through a lot of hands. Why not be extra cautious and spray down your boxes and letters with a spritz of hydrogen peroxide as well?
These few extra measures will certainly help you and your family stay sanitized and germ free!
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