Keep Kid's Healthy During Cold & Flu Season

Tired of your kids coming home from school and always getting sick? Maybe you are always getting sick too.  Clients call us asking us what to do for the child's earache, stomach virus, etc.   If you get sick often throughout the cold & flu season,  Dr. Nelson and I (Jenna)  suggest taking 2 - 3 Wellness Boosters per day just to prevent sickness (for adults or children over 12) -- Children under 12, can take 1 - 2 per day).  As a reminder, Wellness Boosters is an all-natural plant based antibiotic that does not destroy healthy immune system bacteria.  

Here are some more tips in this video from Dr. Nelson -

Super Helpful Things to have On Hand During Cold & Flu Season

 1. Dr. Valerie Nelson's Wellness Boosters OR if your child cannot swallow supplements,

we have a liquid version at the Wellness Center 

2. Ear Oil Drops 

3. Oil of Oregano

4.  Flu Homeopathy Spray