LADIES - Please Read This Before You Put On Your Bra!


Health Risks Associated With Bras 

Ladies - think that a bra is a necessity? Let’s get real about the health facts with your breasts. Could our bras be partially to blame for breast issues?


Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer authored a book called Dressed To Kill. They interviewed 4,000+ women in five major U.S. cities over two years. Half the women had been diagnosed with breast disease. 


Some interesting facts that they found were:

  • 75% of women who slept in their bras developed breast cancer


  • 1 in 7 who wore their bras 12+ hours per day developed breast cancer


  • 1 in 168 who did not wear a bra developed breast cancer


  • Within one month of ditching their bras, women with cysts, breast pain, or tenderness found their symptoms disappeared.


Medical Studies Speak Proof


Additionally, a study in 1991 from the European Journal of Cancer found that pre-menopausal women who do not wear bras had half the risk of breast cancer compared with bra users. Additionally, Japanese, Fijians, and women from other cultures were found to have a significantly higher likelihood of developing breast cancer when they began wearing bras. Some, Japanese researchers believe bras to be a problem because they found that bras can lower melatonin production by 60%. Melatonin has anti-cancer properties so it could directly affect chances of developing cancer!


Now this certainly does not mean that bras solely cause cancer, this is simply research implying bras can have a negative effect on breast health, so go braless whenever possible.

Dr. Michael Schachter wrote that bras and tight clothing can impede lymph flow and contribute to the development of breast cancer.


Moreover, Dr. John MacDougall wrote in The Lancet that repeated inflammation from constricting bras are implicated in painful breast cysts and lumps, scar tissue develops, and milk ducts become plugged, all of which is associated with a higher risk of breast cancer.


Again, the reason that bras, especially tight ones, are bad for breast health is because of the restriction of proper lymph flow in the breasts.  There are many lymph nodes in the breasts and armpit areas.  The role of the lymph nodes is to basically get rid of waste materials and toxins.  Bras constrict this regular flow prohibiting the way that we would normally and naturally cleanse carcinogenic chemicals out of the breast area that we are constantly exposed to.


Say Bye Bye To The Wire!


Buy bras with no underwire at all this helps because, the metal in underwire bras can create an "Antenna Effect" according to the father of Applied Kinesiology, George Goodheart, DC .  Repeated pressing of metal over an acupuncture point can cause longer-term stimulation of neurolymphatic reflex points corresponding to the liver, gallbladder, and stomach in a negative effect..


Additionally, metal underwire could act as an antenna attracting negative EMF energy to the chest area. With all of the unprotected cell phones out there (mean ones that don't have cell emf neutralizers on them) - this is a scary thing!


Simply slide the Wires Out of Bras You Already Have! There's no need to toss your expensive underwire bras. If you cut a small opening at one end of the wire, you can manually remove it from each cup. You'll probably find that your bra supports you nearly as well without them. Oh, and don't be fooled. They may look like plastic, but they're actually plastic-coated metal.


Concluding Thoughts on Bras


So in summary, we are not claiming that bras are the sole reason for breast cancer, we just figure its better to pass along cautionary information that you may not have ever thought of before! So take that bra off when you can and definitely don't wear one to bed! 


Guys, don't think that you are off the hook! There are a number of studies indicating that wearing tight underwear may reduce sperm count and we always tell the guys to keep the cell phones out of the pockets. And by all means, be sure that any cell phone that is close to the body absolutely needs to have cell phone EMF Neutralizers on them.


Never, never put your cell phone in your bra!! That is a big no-no.