Protection From Toxic Cell Phone Radiation

Most people carry a cell phone in their pocket or clipped to their waistband all day, every day. Living without this modern communication convenience is almost unimaginable in our fast-paced lives.
You may not realize that your cell phone is emitting toxic EMF radiation while you are holding it against the side of your head. All electronic devices give off EMF radiation, but the ones you need to be most careful of are those in close proximity to your body.
What is EMF Radiation?
As you move through your day, you are constantly surrounded by electric and magnetic fields (EMF). These areas of energy, invisible and odorless, are by-products of electric power. The interaction of stationary charges and moving ones results in an electromagnetic field.
The radiation emitted from an EMF is measured in wave lengths or frequency. High frequency radiation comes from ultra violet light and x-rays. This is why lead drapes are used during x-rays to protect against excess radiation.
Electronic devices such as computers, cell phones and wireless networks (wifi) emit low frequency radiation. This non-ionizing radiation is considered harmless in most situations.  As we continue to use more electronic devices, however, there are health concerns associated with even low frequency EMF radiation.
How Does EMF Affect the Body?
Your central nervous system runs on electricity. Conducted by specialized cells, the current is used to transmit messages and operate all of your biological functions. Stimulation by an overload of electricity from an outside source disrupts your natural function and could have serious affects.
The EMF fields you are exposed to on a regular basis are only low frequency, but still they make an impact. Studies show that EMF can have these affects at the cellular level:
•     Reduction of the production of certain hormones
•     Distortion of blood cell shape
•     Increased production of stress proteins
•     Impediment of the DNA repair process
While the changes in your body from EMF exposure may be slow, they can have a cumulative effect. Using electronic devices such as cell phone in close proximity to your body for prolonged periods of time increases your exposure to EMF radiation.
Taking Protective Measures
There are several ways you can protect yourself from cell phone radiation:
Limit direct exposure
Whenever possible, opt for the speaker option when talking on the phone instead of holding the phone against your head.
Practice earthing
When you are in direct contact with the earth, your body’s voltage is reduced. Find opportunities to walk on the beach or barefoot in the grass.
Adopt a healing diet
The nutrients in the food you eat can help heal the damage caused by EMF radiation. Incorporate nutrient-rich super foods into your daily routine. Incorporating Dr. Valerie Nelson’s Superfood Greens (3 per day) can give you some added internal protection.
The most immediate thing you can do to protect against the effects of cell phone radiation is to put a cell phone radiation shield on your cell phone. This tiny device created by Dr. Valerie Nelson sticks on the back of your phone and helps neutralize the effects of cell phone radiation. Putting one on the 4 corners of your lap top can be especially helpful, as your lap top emits about 10 times as much EMF radiation as your cell phone.
 Sincerely, Dr. Valerie Nelson & Jenna