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Simple Protection From Dirty, Toxic Shower Water

It's A Toxic World Out There...
One of the biggest toxic exposures that we receive on our endocrine system (especially thyroid) is through hot showers and baths.
Many tap water sources have been tested and shown to contain dangerous contaminants like parasites, chlorine, pesticides, flourine, arsenic, lead, mercury, etc. When taking a shower or bath, the hot water opens your pores on your entire body and inhaled steam allows your body to absorb these toxins immediately into your blood stream. It's not enough to just drink filtered water, we should filter our shower and bath water too.
Long Term Effects...
From consistently showering in toxic water, some dangerous things can occur.
Here are a few of the problems it may cause:
  • Underactive thyroid issues - by exposing yourself to toxins, it will strip iodine out of your body which your thyroid needs to function properly
  • Skin issues - it may cause very dry skin, eczema, and acne
  • Linked to cancer - studies have shown that absorbing chemicals like chlorine into your skin go directly into your blood stream and may be linked to all types of cancer
  • Affecting babies - other studies have linked absorbing these chemicals to low birth weights, birth defects, and miscarriages

But there is a pretty simple and cost-effective solution...
8 stage shower filter that removes chemicals, parasites, contaminants and bacteria from the tap water coming from your shower. For the next few days, we are offering "Buy One, Get One Free" because most homes have more than one shower these days.
Purchase yours today to protect yourself and your loved ones!