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Taking Ibuprofen Increases Your Chance of a Heart Attack

We were very concerned when we read about the recent study done by the University of Montreal shows that taking Ibuprofen just one day increases your chance of a heart attack by a startling 97%!   Are you serious??  That was so shocking to read.  We wanted to make sure that we passed this information on to you as well.

That's not all, actually taking Naproxen raises your chance to 99%!  This damage is done in as little as 1 - 7 days of taking these pain killers. 

In this study, they also discovered that taking them longer than 7 days actually didn't increase their chances any more - this means the damage is done within the first days of taking them!   How startling! 

If you are going to take a "drug" for pain relief, just stick to plain old Aspirin,

but that still has it's side effects too. 

Many people that come into the Wellness Center are asking us about safe options.  Here are some of the options that we share with them.

First and Foremost, the ionic footbaths help many, many people with pain.

The reason that they can help with pain is due to the fact that they

send an ionic signal through the soles of the feet to all of the acupuncture meridians stimulating the body to detoxify.  The detoxification is not

over when the footbath session is over, it can continue for up to

2 days after the footbath - very similar to an acupuncture appointment. 

1. Dr. Nelson's Pain Away - contains herbs like MSM, Hylauronic acid, Tumeric, Ginger root and more to target pain!

2. Dr. Nelson's Arnica 1M - Homeopathic formulation of Arnica which is famous for taking care of aches and pains!  This is a great compliment to the Pain Away.  We know this works because people that we don't even talk to re-order these 2 items again and again from our website.

3. Dr. Nelson's Triple Magnesium/Triple Calcium - Magnesium relaxes muscles that tend to spasm, great for headaches too!

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