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The Healing Power of Honey

Naturally, honey is one of the most effective treatments for wounds and infections.

It relieves symptoms for many health issues. From coughs to colds to blisters and inflammation, honey has proven itself a powerful solution!

Beat these Issues with Honey:

Here are some of the top issues honey helps!

1. Painful Mouth Blisters and Ulcers

Herpes virus can cause inflammation in the gum, lips, and skin around the mouth. This can lead to painful mouth ulcers and blisters. For this condition, you can create a honey mouthwash to decrease the pain. Also, this is great to use for children with ulcers, as it is tasty to the palate!

2. Radiation-Induced Mucositis

Unfortunately, radiation for head and neck cancers can cause a lot of mucous. Because mucositis is an inflammation of the stomach, it can lead to stomach ulcers for some patients. This can often be a painful condition. Ingesting honey alleviates this with its anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Stomach Infections

Most stomach infections can cause gastritis and inflammation, but have no fear, honey can help with this! When you drink it with green or black tea, your stomach experiences relief. Specifically, the reduction of H. pylori bacteria strains is another benefit of ingesting honey.

4. Infections Caused by Burns

Believe it or not, honey has been effective in treating second degree burns!


Studies show that within two weeks, people have seen huge improvements with using honey on burns.