Vanish Food Sensitivities with A High Quality Comprehensive Multi-Enzyme

How to End Food Sensitivity


Remember when a trip to the local ice cream stand on a hot summer evening was one of the special pleasures of the season? Now it comes with abdominal pain and bloating and the occasional hurried trip to the bathroom. Ordering pizza on a Friday night used to be a relaxing way to end the week, but now it is a painful night of poor sleep and running to the bathroom.


When did you give up your favorite foods?

Your friends may tell you that at a certain age, you can no longer eat the way you used to. Even the doctor gives you advice to avoid certain ingredients, like gluten or dairy, to resolve your bowel issues. Your digestive system is just getting older and doesn’t work the way it used to.


There is a reason for the changes to your eating habits and increased food sensitivity, but it is not age. Food allergies and intolerances do not magically appear at a certain age. Instead, they reveal themselves over time as your digestive system changes in response to the environment created by your diet.


Enzymes and Food Allergies

A crucial component to your digestive system are the enzymes your body produces. Enzymes for digestion are proteins that cause specific chemical reactions to breakdown food. Each enzyme is specific to a type of food, so you need an assortment of enzymes to manage proper digestion.


These three enzymes in particular assist with the digestion of the main components of a typical American diet:


  • Lipase - produced in the pancreas and secreted into the digestive tract to break down fats
  • Amalyse - present in saliva to begin the digestion process in the mouth by breaking down carbohydrates and starches
  • Bromelain - found in plant matter like pineapples and useful in digesting proteins


To absorb nutrition from the food you eat, your digestive system needs to break it down into its essential components. The nutrients are absorbed and the fiber and other non-digestible parts are eliminated.


Food intolerances or allergy symptoms are caused by an incomplete digestion process. If your body is no longer producing the right enzymes in sufficient amounts, foods like dairy, for example, remain partially intact causing abdominal pain and bloating.


Get the Enzymes You Need


A multi-enzyme supplement could be the fountain of youth for your digestive system. You are not too old to eat ice cream, your digestive system is just out of balance. Dr. Valerie Nelson developed this multi-enzyme complex to help you eliminate food intolerance and allergy symptoms. Enhance your intestines with the enzymes necessary to break down fats, carbohydrates, gluten and sugars completely and start enjoying your favorite foods again.