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Why Should I Care About EMFs?

Why should you care about EMFs?

The number of cell phone users in the world is expected to be above 5 billion in 2019.  Cell phones emit toxic EMF radiation and high voltage thus making EMF Protection essential for your health! To boot, laptops are about 10 times as toxic as cell phones. All electronics give off EMF radiation, but the ones you need to be most careful of are those in close proximity to your body because certain serious health conditions are caused by regular exposure from using these devices.  The reason being, is your body communicates with itself using electric signals and the EMF signals pass through your body and disrupt these natural communications - One example is that having a cell phone too close to the heart can interfere with the natural electrical patterns of the heart.

To better spread awareness of this problem, we have created a video to help break it down for everyone. Please share with others so they can take care of their health!