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Intestinal Enhancer - 18 Multi Enzymes for Digestion

Intestinal Enhancer - 18 Multi Enzymes for Digestion

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Intestinal Enhancer Multi Digestive Enzyme Complex




*Made in the U.S.A. and Custom Formulated by Board Certifed Natural Doctor, Valerie Nelson.

18 different types of enzymes to break down fats, cabs, gluten and sugars.

Dr. Val's Intestinal Enhancer has been exclusively designed for Dr. Val's patients to combat pain and inflammation caused by lack of digestion. Intestinal Enhancer is an all natural product, allowing for all the benefits of modern medicine without all of the side effects of prescription medications. This supplement was formulated to help individuals with digestion problems, food allergies, blood sugar issues, yeast (candida), and depressed liver function.  Enzymes are the 'live' part of foods.  These are especially effective for breaking down food efficiently. Effective for cancer patients to digest and break down protein build up around cancer cells.   Very helpful for diabetics who typically have a compromised digestive system.

Suggested Use: Dr. Val's suggested use is 2 capsules right before or with meals.  6 daily is the most commonly recommended dose. 

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