Digestion Pack - $10 OFF!! --- Online Special Only

Digestion Pack - $10 OFF!! --- Online Special Only

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Dr. Valerie Nelson has had the privilege to work with over 1,000 individuals,  many of them suffering with digestion problems. 

Candida and Yeast Infection Treatment - Natural Doctor's 3 Step Process to treat Candida Albicans

If you were to come into her office for a consultation and you were suffering with yeast, candida, irritation in the bowels, constipation, diarrhea, food reactions, rashes or any type of digestion issues, she would automatically start you on these 3 products:

 * Professional Probiotics - to replenish the healthy gut bacteria flora.   65 Billion CFU

 *Candida Fungus Fighters - to help reduce the wrong kind of bacteria

 * Intestinal Enhancer - a multi digestive enzyme complex to greatly assist the whole digestion process. Contains 18 digestive enzymes.

This 3 - pack is conveniently packaged to enjoy all 3 products at a reduced price.  Also comes with written directions from Dr. Nelson as to how to take the product.  It is very important that you have the right directions when starting a cleansing and re-building process. 

* $10 off is an online special only 

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