Stress Calming Factors (200 Capsules)

Stress Calming Factors (200 Capsules)

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Stress Calming Factors For Stress Related Disorders 


*Made in the U.S.A. and Custom Formulated by renowned Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Valerie Nelson.

Dr. Valerie Nelson's Stress Calming Factors have been exclusively designed and precisely manufactured for her clients to combat stress related disorders.  Stress Calming Factors is an all natural product, allowing for all the benefits of modern medicine without all of the side effects of prescription medications. Each ingredient was hand-picked by Dr. Nelson.  This combination supplement is great for the cardiovascular system, mood swings, the everyday stresses of life, brain function, the endocrine system and nerve pain.  *This product is particularly good for individuals who struggle more with anxious thoughts.  This product is completely safe to take if you are on prescription medications.

Suggested use is:  4 - 6 capsules per day in a split dose with meals.  Can take up to 8 per day if necessary.  Your urine will turn yellow when taking this product and that is completely normal.

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