Cell Phone EMF Radiation Protection Neutralizers - Choose 5 or 10 or 20 Pack For Pricing

Cell Phone EMF Radiation Protection Neutralizers - Choose 5 or 10 or 20 Pack For Pricing

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These cell phone EMF radiation neutralizers have been created by Dr. Valerie Nelson, Board Certified Natural Medicine.

These slim design stickers can easily be placed on your phone and have been programmed with very specific homeopathic frequencies which help to neutralize the damaging effects of radiation.

Millions of people use cell phones. Regular exposure to radio frequencies may interfere with the electrical fields of our cells. 

Certain health challenges are linked to regular exposure to radio frequencies including:

All types of cancer, abnormal cell growth, infertility, insomnia, depression, anxiety, irritability, leukemia, eye cancer, immune system suppression, attention span and memory loss.

Having a cell phone too close to the heart can interfere with the natural electrical patterns of the heart.

Cardiologist Dr. Sinatra warns his patients of the many dangers of having cell phones too close to the body.  

Customer Reviews

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Cynthia M.
Happy Occupational Therapist

We are seeing benefits with the EMF neutralizers that we have purchased. I am an occupational therapist & my wife is a physical therapist, like you we try to determine what is causing pain rather than just treating pain & covering it up.

I've been having pain in my right hip for at least six years due to sciatica. Honestly, I have just kind of learned to live with the pain each & every day. I have been to a chiropractor, move my wallet to the other pocket, stretches, ice, etc. After putting the EMF neutralizers on my phone, I began to notice the pain reducing, after about two weeks the pain is almost gone. Which has been there for approximately six years. I had wondered if there was a link to my phone, causing the problem since I carry my phone on my right belt or my right pocket all the time.

Since my wife had gotten her new iPhone, she had been having trouble with tingling in her hands and feet while using her phone so she was not able to actually keep her phone around her body very long without it causing trouble. We had also gotten her an iwatch, and when she wore it, it always caused pain in her left shoulder. After putting the EMF neutralizers on her phone, she is no longer having the pain and tingling in her extremities. She said that she also noticed that she is no longer clenching her teeth anymore like she used to which was causing pain in her jaws.

We bought a pendant that we wear daily as we are around a lot of electronics in the school system that we work in.

Kenneth I.
Love these EMF Neutralizers!

We love these EMF neutralizers. They are compact, super adhesive, and work great. Thanks for a great product! We have these on all of our devices, microwave oven, WI-FI router etc.

Thanks for trusting in our EMF Protection products!!!!!!!!

Huge Difference!

I have to admit I was skeptical. But I just opened my package and placed these little tags on my cell phone and electronics all over my house and my anxiety reduced immediately and my mind felt more clarity. I am really shocked at the difference I can feel after placing these tags. I am going to purchase more immediately.

So happy that the EMF Protection is working so well for you!

So Far So Good

I just got these today and have put them on everything in my office; cell phone, wifi router, computer tower, monitors and I instantly noticed a calm come over me. My phone is not hot when I use it. I won't really now how much of a difference they are making until tomorrow when I am in the office for 10 hours, but I am hopeful. I feel they are a bit overpriced, but if they help with how ill I feel after a day in the office, they will be worth much more!

Chase Morris
Very Convenient

I work in the tech industry and I am around alot of EMF all day long. So purchasing these neutralizers for my personal items was an idea to better my health. It is day two of using these products and I can already feel a difference in energy. I am going to purchase more for all my electronic devices. Thanks Dr.Nelson!

Thank you for appreciating our EMF Protection Products!