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If you are at your wits end and tired of the way that you are feeling, now is the time to consider a natural approach.  Visit and put Dr. Valerie Nelson® in the subject line to watch some of her videos.  

So many people have been helped by natural approaches. 

We call it God’s Health Care Plan because He has given us the things we need to be healthy.  

Abundant Life Wellness™
products have been custom crafted and manufactured in the USA with ingredients hand picked by Board Certified, Dr. Valerie Nelson®.  She has been providing high quality alternative natural care since 2007. She has a family wellness practice offering both preventive care as well as holistic, homeopathic, naturopathic and alternative therapies for a wide range of health issues.   Dr. Nelson's personal clients are provided a comprehensive treatment plan along with suggested supplements based on their unique needs and goals.   She is available for phone appointments across the U.S.  

For more information and to book an appointment (via phone) at

It is the goal of Dr. Valerie Nelson® to help her clients feel better, maintain good health and enjoy life with vitality.

Extending the Abundant Life Wellness™ products to the public just puts her one step closer to being successful at maintaining this goal.

Some of the health conditions she treats include yeast & candida; stress & sadness; nervousness; gastrointestinal disorders; food sensitivities; thyroid and adrenal exhaustion conditions; allergies; joint and muscle pain; back pain and chronic exhaustion.

In order to provide the highest quality care possible, Dr. Valerie Nelson® offers a wide array of Abundant Life Wellness™

Dr. Valerie Nelson® genuinely enjoys helping individuals improve and maintain their health. All clients visiting her office in PA (near Pittsburgh) can be assured that they will always receive exceptional, in-depth, and compassionate care. However, not everyone has the ability to schedule an office appointment with Dr. Valerie Nelson® so we are offering her Abundant Life Wellness™
products to everyone to try and help the world, one person at a time.

Help spread the word to those you care about!