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Vitamin D3 - 5,000 IU

Vitamin D3 - 5,000 IU

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Vitamin D3 - 5,000 IU



The most inexpensive vitamin you can take to protect yourself from cancer and the flu - only need 1 per day.

✔️ SUPERIOR IMMUNE SUPPORT –  Potent & Effective Blend of 3 Types of Vitamin D

✔️ GREAT VALUE – Only 13 Cents Per Capsule - Most Inexpensive Vitamin you can Take to Protect Yourself from Major Diseases – 120 Day Supply of 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3

✔️ HEALTH ESSENTIAL – Vitamin D3 Protects you From Major Diseases, While Also Supporting your Bones, Teeth, Muscles and Immune System

✔️ MADE IN USA - 100% Natural Created by Board Certified Natural Doctor, Valerie Nelson in a GMP and FDA Certified Lab

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