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Wellness Booster - All Natural Herbal Immune                       System Strengthener

Wellness Booster - All Natural Herbal Immune System Strengthener

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 Wellness Booster is a natural antibiotic.  This is surely a product that you want to have in your medicine cabinet!  You can take it 3 different ways:

1.  At the very, very first sign of any type of symptom of a cold, flu or virus.  (3 capsules three times per day until symptoms are completely gone) -- taking a first sign of symptoms very important. 

2.  If you know you have been exposed to anything. (3 per day during the exposure period.)  For instance, if you are hanging out with a sick family member.

3.  On a daily basis to strengthen your immune system (2 per day, especially during cold and flu season).

Includes:  Echinacea, Parthenium, Golden seal, Elderberry, Burdock, Dandelion,  Elder Flowers, Black Pepper, and Olive leaf.

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